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Hurricane Preparedness PSA for Homeowners

Hurricane Preparedness PSA for HomeownersWhen a hurricane is headed for your home, preparation is key. In order to help keep you and your family safe and to protect your home from costly damage, here are a few helpful hurricane preparedness psa for homeowners tips and resources:

Create a home evacuation plan ( and know your route (
Acquire all the necessary supplies (
Check your homeowners insurance (
Take steps to protect your home – trim trees, check your roof for loose shingles, reinforce your garage door (
Understand steps to take during a watch and a warning (
Consider building a FEMA safe room (
Don’t forget about your pets (
Check your generator and make sure you have enough space to use it safely (

Stay inside, away from glass doors and windows (
Know your terms (Storm statuses change) (
Keep your weather radio on and nearby at all times (
If the winds subside, stay put – it could be the eye of the storm (
Hunker down in the lowest part of your home away from windows and doors (
Prepare to lose power (

Check your home for damage, being careful of dangling power lines and standing water (
Document damage and file a claim (
Wear protective equipment during cleanup (
Locate an open shelter (
Take the recovery process slowly (
Locate disaster relief organizations (


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