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Arizona Military Relocation Professional – Veterans and VA Military Relocation Professional

Arizona Military Relocation Professional - Veterans and VA Military RelocationArizona Military Relocation Professional assisting Veterans and Active Military service members with Arizona housing, whether Buying or Selling, while taking full advantage of military benefits and support.

Received your PCS Orders to Relocate to Arizona or Out of State? I know how stressful a Military Relocation can be on the individual, as well as an entire family, and I want to help facilitate your move. As an Arizona Military Relocation Professional, I understand your needs and timetables and can make the transfer easier, faster and less stressful.

If you are Relocating to Arizona and will be taking advantage of your BAH, by living off base and purchasing a Home, have you received your DD-214? Please take a moment to fill out the following Military Relocation form, so I can best advise you on the next course of action to ensure a smooth transition:

Veterans and VA Home Loans

Did you Know:

  • All service members, having served the prescribed active duty time and have an honorable discharge, are eligible for VA financing, which includes the National Guard, Reservists, Veteran retirees, along with Active Duty service members.
  • Though you may have served your country, you must be ELIGIBLE for the program (time & character of service). All purchasers must qualify for their loan request, following the VA guidelines relative to income, asset and credit requirements.
  • Though you may have used your eligibility to purchase a home previously, VA benefits are updated continuously and these benefits may be used again, either due to use of “partial eligibility,” restoration of benefits, or reinstatement of benefits.
  • Though home purchase benefits at one time did expire or could only be used once, that has changed because VA is constantly upgrading this benefit AND WWII, Korean Conflict, and Vietnam veterans are still ELIGIBLE for 100% financing as long as they qualify.
  • This allows a purchaser to use this benefit to finance their home even with limited cash OR use 100% financing and keep their cash that may be used for down payment, providing them a greater degree of liquidity.
  • All VA buyers MUST ascertain they are ELIGIBLE to participate in the VA loan program, by virtue of their time spent on active duty AND their character of service, relative to the period of time they served our country.
  • All VA borrowers must “qualify” for the loan they are requesting according to the VA underwriting guideline.
    Being eligible is the first step in qualifying, however, each borrower must provide their lender with documentation that will verify their income and assets (money necessary to close).
  • In addition, the lender will run a current credit report, which will indicate their current debt load. Though VA does not credit score, lenders do and since all lenders that sell loans into the secondary market, they have to warrant that their loans meet or exceed the guidelines they were underwritten under.
  • VA loans are available to finance 1-4 family units. These loans have a maximum loan limit, currently set at $417,000, which does not change, like FHA & FNMA loans providing higher limits in order to finance a duplex, triplex or Quad unit.

Arizona Military Relocation Professional – Veterans and VA Military Relocation Professional